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12 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Invest in YouTube, YouTube

Here's 12 Faceless YouTube channel ideas to make money. You'd never know who owns these channels but each of these topics can easily generate millions of monthly views and well over $10,000 in month income (managed well).

This post will share with you 12 faceless YouTube channel ideas to make money.

Each of these ideas are evergreen, meaning it doesn’t matter when you start any of these channels.

That’s actually one of the number one rules when starting a YouTube channel to make money. You want to create channels and videos that are relevant for as long as one can imagine.

The reason for this is all the videos you make today can still be seen in years to come. This is important because each time a video is watched and an ad is shown, you make money.

Look at this following chart showing the number of videos accumulating month by month as the channel ages:

Business Women YouTube

I always like to share this because most ‘YouTubers’ don’t think this way, but an investor starting a YouTube channel to make money should. You see this example shows a channel uploading a video every other day (14 a month).

By the end of year one you have over 160 videos and over 330 year two. If all these videos are evergreen, many are still being watched. That means the money you make, grows each month that you’re adding more videos. It’s also why we’re big proponents of Faceless YouTube channels if you’re looking to make money.

Before jumping into the 12 YouTube channel ideas, let’s review what faceless YouTube channels are.

Faceless YouTube Channels

A faceless YouTube channel is a channel you own that doesn’t have your face associated to that channel.

In-fact many of these channels you’ll never know who the actual owner of that channel is.

The brand of the channel isn’t an individual but it’s an actual subject.

Think of topics like motivation, happiness, sports, famous business leaders, humor and countless others are all examples of what a faceless YouTube channel can cover. They can have actually faces or video clips, while others can be a slide presentation or digital illustration. The owner of the channel though isn’t in the videos.

These channels and videos are put together by amazing storytellers and then narrated by a voice actor who holds your attention. Script writers, graphic artists, copywriters and amazing video editors are all typically part of the team, with each of these individuals highly talented in their perspective role.

In-fact, here at CBA, our video production team consists of over 30 amazing individuals and that’s just on the production side. After production, you’ve got an entire secondary team that specializes in YouTube marketing (we’ll cover that another day).

Now you should have an idea of what Faceless YouTube channels are. Let’s jump into several different YouTube channel ideas to help you make money!

#1 Start A Travel YouTube Channel To Make Money

Who doesn’t love to travel and the topic is covered everywhere in the media.

Think of all the publications about traveling? There are books, magazines, blogs, social media accounts and heck even your local news networks probably have a travel block. The opportunity is still big as people love researching travel destinations.

If you’re using travel as an idea to make money on YouTube, go broad. Trying to start a channel about your own town, community or county may be tough.

Remember when starting a YouTube channel to make money, you want to upload videos consistently. YouTube rewards channels that are consistent. Thus, make sure you’ll have enough ideas to create consistent content around the topic you pick.

#2 Start an Education Tutorial YouTube Channel

As a father of 3 students in High School, I can tell you YouTube is amazing when it comes to tutorials.

Just think about Math and how much they’ve changed the way it’s taught today?

The topic of math, science or even writing alone can be enough to make a profitable YouTube channel.

Look at this one channels video:

This video has over 10,000 views on such a specific example.

The amount of videos this type of channel could upload is countess. If they really wanted to 10(x) their income, they could truly upload 3 videos a day and not run out of topics. This would drive up monthly income tremendously! With tweaks this could be a million dollar YouTube channel annually.

#3 Start a Random Top (x) YouTube Channel

The following YouTube channel can make a lot of money simply posting Top 10 or Top 5 videos on random topics.

As shown below you’ll see the 10 most expensive houses on MTV Cribs. But as you browse the channel you’ll see random topics.

Top 10 shark bites, top 10 biggest ships, 10 most dangerous animals and so on. The channel has almost 100,000,000 views and honestly it could be dramatically increased, but the owner is content with the income it’s generating.

You’ll notice no theme to the channel, but if you wanted you could take this in many directions.

You could start a (blank) vs. (blank) channel which would do very well. Think Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan (who’d win) or Supergirl vs. Spider-Man (who’s more powerful).

I like channels like these because they’re easy to market. You see if you want to make money on YouTube, it’s not just about producing great videos and praying you’ll be found. It’s also about marketing the video after it’s been produced.

With the example of James vs. Jordan you’d simply post the video in several Basketball groups. That would drive tons of controversy and views. You could then write a Facebook ad on why Jordan kicks James butt and I’d target James fans.

Why? Because they’d really engage with the video and that would drive up views and profits!

#4 Start a Superheroes and Villains YouTube Channel

Since I shared about Spider-Man vs. Supergirl I thought I’d point the following channel out.

This isn’t a CBA managed channel but it is a topic we’re excited about starting for many reasons.

First, it’s a major friendly controversial topic. Everyone has their strong beliefs on who is their favorite superhero or villain.

Not only is the topic fun to watch and share with friends, but it’s an easy channel to market for viral views.

Here at CBA two of our rules when starting a channel are:

  1. Have a handful of exit partners in mind when we sell the channel for an investor
  2. Have a dozen ideas or more on how to market the videos post production

This type of channel has many exit partners online to sell the channel to when you’ve got 100,000 subscribers. There are many e-commerce partners and also fans who’d purchase this channel quickly.

As for marketing, you’ll find many communities online to share this content with. Targeting ads for these types of videos is easy also. This drives up your time watched metrics and your monthly income.

#5 Start a Movie Review YouTube Channel

Movie reviews on YouTube do tremendously well. Though there’s a ton of competition, many just upload the video review and do no marketing.

Marketing a video after you’ve uploaded it and working on other SEO strategies is highly important. But enough about that.

I wanted to share the following channel with you to show you their unique spin on movie reviews.

You’ll notice their video’s are all titled “How To Beat (Movie Title)” or “Why You Wouldn’t (Verb) (Movie Title)”

When creating these videos they’re showing clips of the movie and having fun coming up with other scenarios or “what if’s”.

This unique spin has helped the channel collect over 1 million subscribers and over 300,000,000 views. The monthly income for this channel is tens of thousands of dollars and that’s a lot of popcorn at the movies!

#6 Start an Invention, Gadget or Technology YouTube Channel

Who doesn’t love new inventions, gadgets or technology?

Everyone does and there’s a ton of new ones coming out daily. This means tons of new video content or more money making opportunities.

The one thing to keep in mind when creating this type of channel is that word ‘evergreen’ again.

When we create YouTube channels for investors we want to create videos that can generate views today, tomorrow and next year. Again videos like these pay you today and in the future. Videos produced with the likelihood of paying forever compounds your income. That is what all YouTube investors should keep in mind!

#7 Start a Sports YouTube Channel

Sports are widely popular and you can take this type of channel in many directions.

Here at CBA we’ve started for investors multiple NBA channels, only covering basketball. Currently we’re in the process of doing the same with a golf channel.

The one thing to keep in mind though is ensuring the sport you want to cover has wide appeal. For example, a client recently wanted to start a pickleball YouTube channel.

Though I love the sport, our video storytellers came back and shared this didn’t meet our criteria. This client wanted to create 14 videos a month and that’s 160+ video’s a year. Looking out two years, which you should if starting a YouTube channel to make money, there wasn’t enough content to create.

Thus instead of starting a Pickleball YouTube channel, maybe consider something a bit broader like Fun Family Sports or Extreme Sports.

#8 Start a YouTube Channel about Pets

Who doesn’t love adorable puppies, bunnies or you name it?

These types of videos can easily go viral (KaChing) and more importantly are easily sold at high multiples to pet brands once you’ve built up some consistency.

If potentially starting the channel with the idea of selling the channel in the future, try to keep it less broad. For instance you wouldn’t want to have the channel covering horses (which I love) and then try to sell it to a dog brand in the future.

YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money

Now if you’re looking at creating a channel that’s generating $10,000 or more a month fast and not worried about an exit in the future, then going broad is fine.

If in-doubt, maybe stick to something like House Pets (which is a niche I’ll cover in a separate post we’re excited about starting).

#9 How to Start an Investors YouTube Channel

This topic has a lot of interesting ways you can go and easily meets every requirement we look at for YouTube investing. There are plenty of ways to exit to media companies, financial institutions, e-commerce brands and financial influencers looking for the subscriber audience.

I actually think this is a project students should take on studying famous investor lessons and putting together a video like the one below.

This type of channel, marketed well, can generate easily $100,000 in revenue within 16-24 months and be on pace to drive $15K+ in monthly income by year three.

You can cover investor reviews, different investing opportunities, investment tools, real estate (a topic by itself) and so much more. Just stay away from recommendations. YouTube could demonetize a video when you start to head in that direction.

#10 Start a YouTube Channel about Economics

Economics and politics have wide interest.

Big opportunity here! Similar to investing though, thread carefully when creating a channel like this.

You don’t want to be demonetized. You can view all the different rules in our YouTube investor owner manual.

Though this isn’t our channel, we are excited to start one soon for the right investor.

This channel as you can see has many ways it’s being monetized. It’s profiting from YouTube ads, affiliate deals, courses and they even have a Patreon account setup.

Tons of content creation ideas for this topic with wide interest. Definitely a money making opportunity for monthly income and when selling the channel in the future!

#11 Start a YouTube Channel about Famous Businesses

People love learning about the history of how a company started and there are plenty of companies to review.

The first 500 videos could be reviewing each of the stories behind the companies in the S&P 500. You could even call the channel S&P 500 Stories.

Keep in mind also that when starting a YouTube channel you can also cover the same topic many times. For example, in one of our investors sports channels, we cover Floyd Mayweather in several different videos.

The same is the case for a channel about famous businesses. Again if you’re starting a channel called S&P 500 Stories, just on Amazon you could have the following

  1. How Amazon Impacted Seattle
  2. Why Amazon Backed out of Moving to Texas
  3. Why Jeff Bezos says Amazon will Go Bankrupt
  4. Inside Jeff Bezos New Yacht
  5. How Amazon Failed Multiple Times in the Beginning

There’s 5 quick ideas and if you did that for each of the current S&P 500, you have enough videos to upload daily for over 6 years.

By the 5th year that channel should be generating over $500,000 a year in profits and over 100 million views annually (minimum).

#12 Start a YouTube Inspirational Channel

Everyone can always use a little inspiration in their life.

You can easily start a channel about:

  1. Motivational Quotes
  2. Inspiring Stories
  3. Bible Versus
  4. Motivational Leaders
  5. Soothing Sounds to Inspire

Those are just a few examples.

The channel highlighted below is widely famous as a media brand. They have an e-commerce store selling merchandise, tons of affiliate partnerships and much more revenue opportunities that they’re taking advantage of.

Once a channel has enough traction, doors of opportunity open up. Plus, this is a fun channel to watch your own videos, when you need a pick me up.

Important Summary: YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money

Most YouTube channels don’t make money because they don’t know what they’re doing. They follow emotions and not data. These channel owners buy some course that makes them believe it’s no work.

These are lies.

Is making money on YouTube easy? Yes!

Making money on YouTube is predictable but it takes work. If you follow the formula as we do for all our clients consistently it’s not if a YouTube channel will make money, it’s just how fast and how much?

As you can see above there are many different YouTube channel ideas to make money. Think about other channels like food, music, history, how-to and the list goes on.

We always tell our clients let’s pick a topic you, your family and friends love. Ask yourself what do you obsess over and talk about all the time with friends and your family?

Does your family and friends play pranks on one another all the time? Start that type of channel. It’s fun and the investment is profitable!

How about games? If your family loves playing and talking about games, start that type of channel. Important to note though, make it broad. I love Backgammon, though I wouldn’t start a channel on that alone. Boardgames? Yes!

How about playing cards? That is super popular with a lot of opportunity.

Curious how to get started? We share our entire outline in our CBA investor manual here. Simply follow it step-by-step. Work works. We also have a free community where you can watch us do this live each day for clients. Just reach out to our team for an invite.

Love the opportunity of investing in YouTube but don’t have the bandwidth to do the work? That’s what our content and investment team does here at CBA. We’ll do the work, while you own and gain the advantages of owning your own business. Schedule a call today by clicking here.

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