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Top Business Women: Why This Is a Great YouTube Channel To Own

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Invest in YouTube

Our internal data, that monitors profit opportunities for investors, has recently detected Top Business Women as a YouTube channel one should consider owning. A well managed channel around business women should average $14,000 in monthly profits over a 5-year period.

Our internal data, that monitors profit opportunities for investors, has recently detected Top Business Women as a YouTube channel one should consider owning. A well managed channel around business women should average $14,000 in monthly profits over a 5-year period.

In this post we’ll highlight exactly how we’d recommend starting this channel, why this is a channel worth considering and areas of opportunity should you consider selling the channel in the future. 

According to our data, this niche has an so much opportunity for creating amazing fun content that has the potential to get seen monthly by millions of women, while driving great returns for an investor, business or ambitious entrepreneur. 

For someone looking for high monthly income this hits all our requirements and If you’re a business whose customer demographic falls between women ages 28-55, this is an added bonus.

This niche is an excellent opportunity to start a non-branded channel and cross promote your brand, while sending thousands of qualified buyers to your website month after month, without having to pay advertising cost. We’ll cover why in a bit. 

If this isn’t for a business but started as an investment, this is filled with opportunities for high returns that we’ll cover below.

A channel in this niche, should be monetized within 4 to 6 months pending the number of videos being uploaded weekly. 

Average pro forma income projections meet what we commonly see with a channel that is uploading 14 videos a month, as shown below: 

Top Business Women Youtube Channel

Channels that are uploading less videos will see smaller numbers, with our minimum suggestion of 6 videos being uploaded monthly. Channels that upload a video each day will see greater results both from monthly income and also monthly views. 

Let’s jump into this step by step roadmap of what you need to do to tackle this opportunity yourself. 

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Why Start a Top Business Women YouTube Channel

Our internal tools show a lot of opportunities for many ways to tackle this topic, which we’ll highlight below.

One of the key metrics we look at when starting a YouTube channel for investors is ensuring there are other ways to drive income, outside of the high monthly YouTube advertising revenue. 

Our internal data shows the potential to drive a lot of partnership opportunities on this type of channel once it has a good subscriber base (10,000 or more) and monthly views of 500,000 or more. Both of these metrics should be achievable within 12-24 months (potentially six months with some good viral videos).

This data is important to look at when starting a channel if you’re looking at it as an investor because channels typically sell between 3(x) to 6(x) the previous 12 months revenue. What can help drive a higher multiple when selling a YouTube channel is when you have a channel that has income coming in from other sources consistently, outside of YouTube Ad revenue. 

3 types of companies you could consider partnering with could be: 

  1. Fashion companies targeting business women
  2. Health, Beauty and cosmetic companies wanting to reach women over 30
  3. Media companies looking to get in front of women (think magazines or blogs)

Another important metric we like to look at when starting a YouTube channel is does the topic have enough content opportunities that the masses are interested in. YouTube channels started for an income purpose should have mass appeal. 

YouTube riches aren’t in the micro niches as an investor. You want big interest around the topic and business women receives a green check for that metric. 

The other big metric we like to look at is ensuring the channel’s content and topic will always be evergreen. 

What is evergreen content? 

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant tomorrow, a year from now and years from next year. You can leverage one piece of evergreen content into years of traffic (YouTube profits).

Here’s why that is important when starting a channel. The more monthly views your channel gets the more income you make. Videos on YouTube live forever and thus if someone watches a video from last year you get paid, two years ago, you get paid and all the new content you upload, YOU GET PAID!

Thus when you’re constantly creating great content that will continue to be watched in the future, your monthly income compounds in growth because your total video count is increasing monthly and all those videos (most) are still getting views and bringing in income. 

Business Women YouTube

One final metric that is important to look at is if there’s enough various types of content you can create. 

If you’re looking to have a YouTube channel that produces a lot of income or that gets a lot of daily views if you’re using this to cross promote your business, you want to ensure you can create enough quality content daily that the masses are interested in. 

This is something we look at manually and we look to see the engagement on other platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook Groups, Instagram, TikTok and others. 

What you’ll see is abundant conversations, shares and engagement around this topic. This one Facebook Group has over 500,000 members and had over 300 posts today alone. These communities are also great opportunities to engage with the community owner and find ways to collaborate and build a channel faster with subscribers and views. 

Women Entrepreneurs

We’ll discuss collaboration more in a bi,t but let’s discuss why a non branded channel makes sense.

What Are Faceless YouTube Channels

A faceless YouTube channel has no face or business brand associated with the videos uploaded to the channel. 

The videos tend to be more about general popular topics like sports, animals, motivation, how-to’s, top 10’s and yes Top Business Women as we’re recommending. 

These videos are normally either edited video clips from around the web or using illustrative design tools. The videos will then have a voiceover telling a story around the video’s topic. 

Videos professionally edited and researched well, can get a lot of traffic. More traffic, means more ads seen that are controlled by YouTube, which means more revenue for you, the channel owner. 

In-fact these types of channels tend to get more views than a business branded channel would ever get and this creates a great opportunity for businesses. 

To prove this point, let’s look at one of the top YouTube Advertisers spending ad money directly on YouTube. 

Wix! Here’s the last few video’s they uploaded:

Wix youtube videos

6 videos and less than 2000 views total. 

Here’s Wix, though advertising on one of our newer investor channels:

Wix YouTube Ad

This is a sports channel, but YouTube knows best who to show this advertisement to. This one video has been viewed over 100,000 times. 

What Wix could do, as they spend over $100,000 a month on ads, is start a faceless YouTube channel around top business women. This type of channel can easily get millions of views monthly as shared above. Now in a ten minute video, halfway through, Wix (or you) could insert a 10-20 second ad for your business and direct with a call-to-action, the traffic to your website. After a quick ad, back to the program (similar to T.V. Commercials). 

Imagine if you own a business having the ability monthly to get your business seen by millions, while also getting paid by YouTube for the ads YouTube displays during the beginning of the video? This would be like running a commercial during the Super Bowl but the network pays you the business. Pretty cool, right?

One last point on Faceless YouTube channels before moving on. Brands should still have a branded YouTube channel separate from this for consumers. This is just a creative way as a business to get seen by millions monthly for free without having to spend money on ads or in addition to ad spend (while getting paid profits also). Win/Win!

Starting Your Top Business Women YouTube Channel

Let’s outline in this section some of the core things you should do to get your channel making money and gaining views fast. A well managed channel should begin paying for the production cost, your team’s time managing the channel and begin returning you a profit within 12-24 months. 

There’s a lot that goes into creating a video, both pre-uploading and post-uploading. We actually tell you exactly how we do this step-by-step in our YouTube investor manual from page 29-52. 

When starting your channel it’s important to work towards getting your channel monetized as fast as possible. The YouTube Partner Program requirements are as follows:

  1. Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies.
  2. Live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. Linked AdSense account.
  4. No active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  5. More than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  6. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.

The first three items aren’t difficult to follow. It’s the last 3 most have problems with and thus why so few channels are monetized compared to the total number of YouTube channels that exist. 

Item 4. “Community guideline strikes” trips many channel owners up when it comes to copyright strikes. As a company that handles YouTube channels actively for investors, this is something we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring guidelines are followed to avoid strikes. 

A handful of good ‘viral’ videos that takeoff can easily help you get the 4000 watch hours required. In-fact one good video alone can do this in days. Watch hours though don’t always mean new subscribers, thus you need to work on that also. 

As mentioned above, this is where reaching out to other communities that have your audience can help. 

For instance, in this quick search on Facebook of groups around business women, you’ll see a plethora of groups. Reach out to these group owners and ask what type of content their group may find helpful and once created, share in the group. You can even offer to possibly give a shout out to the group in the video. 

The Female Lead is an example of a great community across multiple platforms.  They have an active 2,800,000 plus community on LinkedIn, over 2,000,000 on Instagram and 400,000 on Facebook. Each piece of content gets massive engagement on each of the platforms and is the exact target audience you should be in front of with a channel like this.

Another idea is to look in the group to find topic ideas and then cross reference those topics to see if they get a lot of attention on YouTube and in Google Search. 

Here’s an example of an active Moms in Business group on Facebook:

Moms in Business

Scrolling through the group we came up with the following video idea: 

10 Successful Life Hacks for Moms that Work (Shared by other Successful Moms)

“Moms that work” gets 40,000 searches each month on Google, as does a combination of words in this title and the competition to rank for this doesn’t look difficult.

Successful Moms

This wasn’t our first title idea by the way but a quick search on YouTube to ensure it’s a topic that can get a lot of views, gave us some help.

Business Women Moms

You’ll see this one video has had 1.1 million views in 10 months. This is an important lesson, do not try to recreate the wheel when coming up with ideas. Here at CBA when we create videos for our clients we go with the philosophy of following the data of what is working. 

You can also come up with ideas by looking at YouTube channels that have your target demographic and are popular. A few, in the business women space are:

  1. Women of Impact
  2. Brene Brown
  3. Marie Forleo
  4. Gabby Bernstein

When looking at these channels, change the search result to sort by most popular first to get the best ideas. 

Top Business Women Worldwide

Also if the individual doesn’t have a YouTube presence but is a voice you’d like to get ideas from, use the search bar on YouTube and again sort by view count. 

Brene Brown has a powerful voice in the business women community with many successful videos from interviews but her channel isn’t active. Many of the videos have millions of views and they’ll give you great ideas of content you can also create with a higher probability of that video taking off. Remember, don’t guess on topics. Go with topics that are already proven and create a better piece of content!

Brene Brown YouTube

This channel is another great successful female entrepreneur whose audience demographic is geared towards women. 

Looking at her channel you’ll see a lot of great videos, but to stay on topic with our ‘Top Business Women’ channel, this one video stood out “8 Girl Boss Habits Every Female Entrepreneur Needs To Grow FASTER. 😍

Business Women YouTube Channel

Our content idea person will normally pass this over to our script writer/copywriting team and maybe they’ll come up with: 9 Girl Boss Habits All Business Women Must Learn Today.

Every video should have some statistical proof behind why you want to create this video. This isn’t a guessing game and that’s why most channels never succeed in driving monthly income of $10,000 or more. They allow their own emotional ideas to get in the way of math, instead of creating content you know has a higher probability of taking off. 

There are many other steps you should follow when building a channel that we cover deeply in our investor manual, but let’s tackle one last important topic and that’s making sure you have great titles and thumbnails when uploading your videos. 

You can create an amazing video around business women, but if no one clicks on the video to watch it, well it does you no financial good. Internally we’re always working on this by changing thumbnails and our video titles (see how we do this below). Do not try to be cheap when it comes to thumbnails. Hire a good graphic designer. 

Let’s wrap up with the most important part of running a successful profitable YouTube channel. 

Managing a YouTube Channel (Post-Production)

A YouTube channel manager’s most important role outside of ensuring a channel is consistently uploading great content weekly, is also what they do after videos are uploaded. 

Again we cover this in detail in our YouTube investor manual because there’s so much you should look at in your YouTube analytics daily/weekly. This is truly a full-time job. 

Remember what doesn’t get measured and reviewed, never creates any profits!

We touched on the importance of changing up your Thumbnails and titles, but let’s go over three other important jobs of a YouTube channel manager after a video has been uploaded. 

The first thing you should do is promote that video. We shared above how you should participate with other communities, on other platforms, that have your audience. Attempt to partner with those who may also have large email lists. If your content is valuable, they’ll be happy to share it, but this has to be done via outreach.

Here at CBA we also put paid advertising behind every video we upload to an investors YouTube channel. That means running ads and not just on YouTube. We also run ads on Facebook and other platforms. 

Before running an ad on Facebook, look at your YouTube analytics to see who’s watching the videos. This example below drove a lot a views for only $10 because we used the analytics from YouTube (gender and age) to run a very targeted ad:

YouTube Advertising

Save some of your paid advertising budget for this second important task of a YouTube channel manager. 

You need to monitor the tags. When you upload a video to YouTube you have 500 characters that can be used in total when creating words/sentences of what the video is about. Here’s an example list of tags we’d use for a Business Women channel. 

Business Women YouTube Tags

You can change your tags after uploading a video and that’s part of a manager’s job when attempting to rank a YouTube video

For a new YouTube channel that is trying to rank in YouTube search at the top, it’s hard. Keywords like Business Women, will be difficult and that’s why you want to use what’s called long tail keywords. These tend to be more specific phrases that people might randomly search.

If you start to see a video you uploaded in the past start to increase faster in video views, it could be that some of your tags are ranking near the top. Look at this example of a music channel we manage for an investor:

YouTube Channel Tag Examples

Once this starts to happen, you’ll start to see other tags also increase in the search results (if your watch time length is good for the video which is another important metric to watch). 

When you start to see this happening, you should use some of your ad budget to run more views to the video and reach out to partners to push the video harder. The goal is ultimately to see if you can get a keyword that has a lot of searches to start ranking. When this happens, you will have a video begin to go viral and that can result in $thousands$ in extra income monthly from just one video. One good area to go spend $20-$40 is going to a YouTube channel that has many subscribers and a YouTube community and pay them to share your video with their community.

If you’re truly monitoring this closely and making adjustments, you can see many videos that just get a few thousand views the first few months and then it takes off (see chart below):

YouTube Analytics Chart

Remember when this starts happening on many previous videos after having hundreds uploaded your income grows exponentially.

There are many other tasks, as covered in our investor manual, but I want to highlight one more of extreme importance. 

This ties into the thumbnails and titles for the video, as covered above. 

You need to frequently be looking at the click-through rate for your videos based on impressions. 

youtube video click-through-rate

Shoot for a minimum of 3% for every video. 

What this means is 3 out of every 100 people who see your video in YouTube search, click on it. As you can see in the image above, the clicks are 4%. 

If you’re below 3%, work on changing either your thumbnail you uploaded and/or the video title.

If you can consistently stay above 3% and have over 300 videos uploaded by year two, you’ll be on pace to have a channel that averages profits of $14,000 every month over 5 years and millions of views monthly. 

Before concluding, make sure to read through the playlist section of our manual.

YouTube playlists are also very impactful.

For a Top Business Women channel you could do the following playlist:

  1. Great Inspiring Women Leaders
  2. Motivation from Top Business Women 

Playlists can drive up watch time rapidly, which in-turn drive up your profits!

Conclusion: Starting a Top Business Women YouTube Channel

Hopefully after reading through this post, in detail, you now see the opportunity in why starting a Top Business Women YouTube channel can be extremely profitable.  

The monthly income, as a side-hustle type of business, is incredibly high for this niche.  Now if you’re a business with the desire to reach business women in the masses, this is an added bonus. 

Here’s 4 additional video ideas you should consider for your first month of videos: 

  1. 10 Most Powerful Businesswomen In The World
  2. 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success
  3. 5 Inspiring Female entrepreneurs You Need To Know
  4. The Greatest Motivational Speeches For Women | Oprah, Beyonce, JK Rowling

If you love this opportunity but lack capacity to manage this, reach out to our YouTube portfolio managers today.

We can run this 100% for you (nothing for you to do).

This is a very predictable fun business model that will consistently perform. Follow data and leave your emotions out when creating content. That’s the way you’ll win.

Either way, you now have the complete recipe for success above and in our investor manual. 

Still have questions about how to make YouTube profits? Join one of our webinars where we teach this step-by-step or contact our YouTube portfolio managers today by clicking here

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