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Helping High Growth Investors Profit Owning Media Assets

We create and grow media properties that produce monthly passive income for investors and an asset that’s value compounds annually until sold. This is a predictable investment backed by data.

Monthly Income Report

2 - Celeb, mid 2018

Celebrity Channel

2 - Celeb, mid 2018

Gaming Channel

Fashion Channel

Fashion Channel

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How CBA Works

Here at CBA we predictably start and run widely popular Digital Properties using a proven strategy that consistently drives high monthly profits for our customers. If you’re an investor or dreamed of owning your own passive business, schedule a call today.

Step 1

Speak with a portfolio manager

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Review Available Digital Properties You Like

Step 3

Watch your Digital Asset Grow

Learn how Owning Digital Real Estate managed for you creates high passive monthly income.

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5 Recently Exited Channels Performance

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ROI 4-Years

Meet Our Investors

John Magee

John Magee

I was looking to diversify my investment portfolio with an opportunity that would provide a big return and security. After some research, this made perfect sense. I highly recommend speaking with the portfolio managers today.

Miriam Kimeu

Miriam Kimeu


I can’t believe this type of investment wasn’t available earlier. It’s a great way to make passive income and I believe the risk is minimal. We all know YouTube is growing faster than ever and that is why I decided to invest with CBA.

Søren Griepentrog

Søren Griepentrog

Being a stable place in my life, I started to look for different ways of investing. Looking to diversify my stock holdings I found CBA. My investment portfolio now includes YouTube Channels, Construction materials and stocks.

Invest With Assurance

Full Transparency and Security from the Start

A cutting edge dashboard shows your investments and channels growth performance daily to follow along with and watch your advertising income accumulate as the channel grows. New channels begin receiving monetization quarterly once they hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.


Beierholm is an outside third party lead Accounting firm hired to audit CBA to protect your account and handle your quarterly payments

Storm Law

Storm Law is an outside Investment Law Firm hired to monitor and create your investment contracts protecting your investment.

Mashreq Business bank

Mashreq Business bank is a publicly traded bank specializing in alternative investments and handles the holding and transfer of funds.

Silicon Valley Bank

U.S.A. clients handled by Silicon Valley Bank, one of the largest banks in the United States and the biggest bank here in Silicon Valley.

YouTube Channel Owners Ad Revenue Soars $6 Billion Q1 2021

CBA Team

Connect with Us

Our dedicated Portfolio Managers are standing by to help answer any questions and advise on the investment process.